The Ski & Snowboard Equipe Falcade was born in the fall of 2008 by the will of a group of qualified ski instructors, (including former Italian athletes, national ski and snowboard instructors and federal trainers) that merging enthusiasm and experience wanted finalize plans for a new harmonious reality, innovative and dynamic! The “mission” of the Ski & Snowboard School Equipe  is the realization that you can give more to their customers friends, through the organization of complementary activities and new and particular side, that complement effectively the teaching activities of the skiing, while aiming to make it fun and relaxing your vacation. And ‘daughter of this philosophy the continuous research of methodological and didactic innovations through the study and the comparison of experiences with the reality of other professionals and other tourist resorts.

The highly competitive nature of the Ski & Snowboard School Equipe has enabled it to put particular emphasis in different competitions and especially in past editions of the Championships Italian Ski Instructors where numerous medals were collected.
The partnership with several companies of national and international importance, are further proof of the desire to promote and develop the skiing movement in a dynamic and innovative capacity!

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