Falcade is a tourist resort in the heart of the Dolomiti SuperSki area. The Falcade ski area is the right place to spend both summer and winter holidays with the whole family, including activities, traditions, sports, culture and above all nature.

Falcade with its many hamlets is located at about 1200 meters above sea level and is the kingdom of those who love skiing on snow that falls abundantly here throughout the winter.
There are 8 ski lifts in the Falcade ski area, to which are added 5 chairlifts and where 13 panoramic slopes can be reached with the brand new 8-seater Falcade – Le Buse cable car.
If you put together the ski slopes of the Falcade ski area and the San Pellegrino Pass, the tourist has 75 km of skiing at their disposal.
The structures are those of a tourist destination both winter and summer, with first-class hotels and the possibility of experiencing the mountains in all aspects, from the simple walk with snowshoes to trekking and climbing for professionals, with mountain guides always in tow.
The nearby peaks such as the Marmolada, the Pale di San Martino, the Civetta, the valleys and the possibility of experiencing the mountain nature to the full, make the Falcade ski area the ideal destination for a skiing holiday, but also for summer holidays with children in tow.

What to see in Falcade

The Falcade ski area is part of the Alpe Lusia – San Pellegrino area where life in the open air will transform the holiday into a continuous discovery of the surrounding nature.
There are many activities to be able to experience, in addition to skiing, snow boarding and the like. In the summer months, for example, you can venture on via ferratas, which are typical passages of this part of the dolomitic area, such as metal or wooden bridges, crossings on rivers and streams that allow you to see breathtaking views.
For those who want to experience the mountains by walking, they can devote themselves to Nordic walking, trekking as mentioned, mountain biking.
In summer the lake of Cavia in Falcade becomes a place of walks, stops in the green of the woods, picnics and games, while in winter it freezes and you can skate. It is a truly surprising naturalistic setting in the Falcade ski area and one would admire it as one does with a painting.
A few km from Falcade it is possible to observe the sky and its phenomena from the only astronomical observatory in the province of Belluno. It is located in S. Tomaso Agordino and from its dome 2400 stars can be observed, but also the Milky Way, the dawn and the sunset, the eclipses.
The tradition in the Falcade ski area will lead you to admire the typical “Tabià”, ancient barns that were built here from the 15th century until the 19th century in wood and stone. They served as a shelter for hay and cows, but today many have been adapted for habitation and are very characteristic.
In the Falcade ski area and in the many nearby villages, religious devotion is deeply felt, so much so that the territory is called “the valley with the saints on the windows”, that is, murals also with sacred images that were executed at the windows or jambs entrance doors for a request for protection from dangers, diseases or for the stability of the house itself. The Falcade ski area is waiting for you to experience one of the most picturesque Dolomites holidays and to taste the tasty traditional dishes such as canederli, juicy gnocchi made with broth bread that are “used” here to warm up in winter.