How nice to ski!

Skiing is one of the most popular sports for parents for their children.
Not only because it is exciting to watch them as they take their first steps on skis, perhaps with some funny fall, but also because it takes place in a magical atmosphere.
After all, who doesn’t like the mountain air accompanied by a white and soft blanket of snow? But to keep your children entertained, you will need to find children’s ski lessons, in this case Falcade.

Ski lessons for children in Falcade: the Sky area

Between the provinces of Trento and Belluno, in the Sky Area of ​​Falcade, targeted courses designed specifically for children have been held for many years. Those kids who are the future and for this they must be valued in their talents and accompanied by their parents in making new and beautiful experiences. Falcade is a renowned tourist resort in the Dolomites as well as an excellent holiday resort for ski and mountain lovers. Considering all the installations present and the new cabins, the area is made up of 75 km of ski slopes!
But in addition to snow, families can enjoy traditional cuisine, go hiking and enjoy the surrounding villages, which are rich in a unique heritage.
Finally, the Sky Area is totally immersed in greenery and can truly represent a unique holiday, not only for ski lovers, but for those who appreciate the pure beauty of nature.

The Equipe school

The Equipe ski school has received the Certificate of Excellence School from the Italian Winter Sports Federation, as a guarantee of the professionalism with which the staff takes care of these young people, teaching them not only how to ski, but accompanying them on this journey as real masters of life.

The ski instructors: athletes and professionals

In fact the staff of teachers of this school for children is made up of many champions and former champions of ski and snowboard, who will also be able to tell their international experience, with amusing anecdotes and bitter defeats, to teach the boys that after a fall there he always gets up again, aiming higher.

Our mascot: Leo Monthy!

This school organizes real ski lessons for children, for families who choose to spend a holiday in the white expanses of Falcade-San Pellegrino, encouraged by the mascot Leo Monthy. But that is not all! With the collaboration of the Loacker company, it was possible for the Equipe school to open an educational park entirely dedicated to children, in which they will learn not only to ski, but information on life in the mountains and much more.

Loacker Park

When the children have begun to master the tools of the trade, they can have fun at full speed and in complete safety, in Loacker Park, where there are numerous themed attractions, fun corners but also routes designed to learn more difficult style techniques. the courses of the Equipe ski school
The educational offer of the school really includes many courses, which are adapted to the needs of the parents: Classic Team, 18 hours; Mini Group, 10 hours and composed of a small number of children, up to a maximum of 5, for intensive learning; Junior Equipe Club, an exclusive 25-hour course divided into 5 days, which will be spent entirely with the teacher; Super Baby Course, dedicated exclusively to beginners for teaching all the basic rules of skiing. Not only a school for children
And for those parents who always try to push their children to improve and make new experiences, the Equipe school has thought up courses for adults, divided by experience, so that this holiday becomes an unforgettable time for parents as well as for sons.
The Equipe school is a ski school designed for families.